7月2号在6PM下单了一款皮鞋,当时是$56,UPS 7月6号送到转运仓库,今天7月13号已经在转运到回国的飞机上。


hello,i am from the Chinese users,i place an order at Jul 2,the 'COLE HAAN LENOX HILL SPLIT OX' price is $56,today the price has down,it's $35.42.

order number:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

The shoes are on the way to China,can i enjoy the low price? Very hope to have this opportunity,thank you very much!
Prices here at 6pm.com do change from time to time based on various factors such as supply and demand. Because of this, we do not price match reduced sale prices. This would include matching prices from previous or future sales as well as matching prices from orders that have already been submitted.

It's a good thing you have me here! I'll bend the rules for you this one-time, and grant you the price match for the Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Split Ox British Tan Oxford 7.5 D - Medium as a courtesy for being a great customer. Please check the breakdown below:

Price Paid: $56.00
New Advertise Price: $35.42
Refunding Amount: $20.58

It means that as your request, we're glad to inform you that your refund from order xxx-xxxxx-xxxx has posted already. Upon reviewing your order, I can confirm that a credit of 20.58 was issued to your credit card on July 12, 2016. Depending on your credit card company, it may take 2-10 business days for the credit to be reflected on your statement (up to 30 days for internationally issued cards).

You may view your order status and any refunds/credits at any time by logging on to the "My Account" section of 6pm.com and clicking on this order in your order history.

Hope this information may help. Have a lovely evening!
It's a good thing you have me here!
仍然给予我优惠的价格,可以退回$20.58到订单支付时的信用卡上,大概2-10天信用卡账单上会有反应出来,可以随时到My Accout中查看订单情况。


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